Thursday, January 16, 2003

I've been listening to NPR on WGBH (89.7FM) on my drive home from work over the last few nights. I realize that it probably has a more liberal bias than other sources, but the statistics that I've been hearing recently have been making me either mad or depressed.

From Daniel Schorr's commentary, consider the following:

  • Although the administration claims that the average tax saving with the new tax cut will be over $1000, according to the Brookings Institution, 59% of the savings will go to those who earn income in the top 10% and "almost half of taxpayers will receive less than $100." (I checked the document; according to them, the average tax cut for the lowest 48.9% of filers is $52, and FWIW, their calculated average tax cut for all taxpayers is actually $865)
  • Bush's proposed welfare reform for working mothers (presumably single) will require 40 hours of work to qualify without any additional funding for childcare. And this in an economy with 6% unemployment. (so far)

I find it interesting to notice that I'm beginning to tune in and understand what's going on around me. The guy who had no opinion on anything just a few years ago. I must be getting old. Or maybe W just makes it easy.

Ok, here's something interesting... The first thing that comes up on a search for "W" on Google is