Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Life change, crazy-go-nuts

Hey, Happy Fireworks everybody.

Sorry for sorta disappearing like that, but y'know, sometimes life is like that.

So I must have been totally delusional to think that things would have settled down right after I got back from vacation. For one thing, it's catch-up after being away for almost a week and a half. And then, between the final push of projects in the last month of the semester at school, a ramp up of schedule pressures at work (no more working from home -- *sigh*), not to mention frisbee season hitting its stride, there really wasn't much time for this blog business on either the reading or posting side.

And then there was the added bonus of a sudden, renewed interest in househunting, so we've been surfing the real estate listings, scheduling viewings and checking out financing. (The SOOTTAD even flew out to check a few places out so we could both have more tangible points of reference.) And then there's been all this craziness trying to find a reception site and... um, oh yeah, did I mention that the SOOTTAD and I got engaged?


So, uh, yeah... things have been a little crazy recently.

Perhaps I'll really be able to get back to writing, but work is still really busy (it's a holiday weekend and I've billed 16 hours, and counting, since Saturday) and there's still the matter of needing to finish a case study for school that's now 2 weeks overdue.

So, hopefully I'll be back eventually. I'm pretty sure it'll be before Labor day, but no promises.


Jul said...

Congrats and all that jazz.

Tristram Shandy said...

Whoa! Congratulations on the engagement!

Ushiku Person said...

Wha..?!!! WhoooHooo!! WOW, that is great news!!! You crazy kids... I can't wait for that party! I'm sooooooo happy for you guys!!!

Kate said...

Holy SHIT!

I'm excited beyond belief. I'm doing a happy chair dance. In my office, where I really should be completely humiliated by such behavior. But I'm not. I'm just TOO FUCKING HAPPY.