Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ok, that's wie-ud

It appears that my last post somehow had enough keywords in it to get it listed on Computerworld's IT blog watch. That's kind of embarrassing. I guess the folks over there need to work on their filtering algorithm.


Anonymous said...

No algorithm. Real humans working for Computerworld actually scan tech blogs and look for the best posts every day. Your insights, observations and writing style outweighed a few bad words, and you made the cut.

Keep up the good work!


The IT Blogwatch human algorithms

tallasiandude said...

Er, whoops, my apologies... and thanks, I guess. I suppose I hadn't thought that I'd written anything more than one of my typical M$ rants.

Funny, that I thought about skipping the "F-bombs" but decided not to worry about it since I didn't think anybody read the blog in the first place.