Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bah, I tell you.

I just spent over $600* getting the driver side seatbelt fixed in my car.



And apart from the whole money thing, it makes me feel pretty stupid and useless that I couldn't figure out how, if it was possible, for me to fix it myself. It's not like it's the fuel injection system or something; it's a SEATBELT! BAH! I thought about trying and then managed to convince myself that it was probably hooked into a bunch of stupid crash and braking sensors and that was the end of it.

On the plus side, we've been all ecologicalibly-minded and crunchy-granola and rode our bikes for all our errands on Sunday, which carried over to dropping the car off and then biking home yesterday, and biking back to the shop to pick up the car today.

And 2 days of working from home and not driving to the office. Bonus.

* And they also nailed me with a $5.94 hazardous waste disposal charge. FOR A SEATBELT!


Leah said...

hazardous waste? now that's just silly. i remember going to a junkyard to find old seat belts for my bosses use with physical therapy. they certainly didn't seem toxic to me. :-)

Kate said...

The seatbelt wasn't hazardous waste... crash and braking sensors are hazardous waste. That extra charge was proof that you're not a lame-ass for fixing it yourself.

Kate said...

duh. for NOT fixing it yourself.