Friday, September 28, 2007

except without the part about your mom


I think this is the fourth night in the last six where I haven't been able to fall asleep. Tired. Sleepy even. But I just can't seem to drop off to sleep.

Almost makes me want to try this, although the waking hours certainly aren't particularly useful if you're trying to participate with most of the world around you.

Have I mentioned BAH*?

UPDATE: to answer Leah's question in the comments, and for full disclosure, here's the list of things that I can think of that I've tried over the past few weeks:

  • reiki
  • meditation (which really is kind of like reiki. Or vice versa.)
  • hot shower (I'm a life-long night showerer. I don't sleep well when gritty or sticky.)
  • warm milk (with Ovaltine)
  • staying up later
  • visualizing the comfy feeling I have in bed in the morning when I don't want to get up
  • being mindful of the images that play behind my closed eyelids
  • visualize constantly dropping into deeper layers of consciousness/reality.
  • avoiding computer stuff right before bed
I'd be happy to hear other suggestions.

* not to be confused with "baa." Seriously, does counting sheep actually work for anyone?


Leah said...

dude, that sucks! i'm sorry you're dealing with the sleeplessness. no fun.

and yes, i have actually tried counting sheep. interesting exercise for the imagination perhaps, but not so much for sleeping.

have you tried doing reiki on yourself in bed?

tallasiandude said...

Yep, I tried reiki. Actually worried that it might be keeping me up. Wednesday night, I went to bed early (so early that I was worried I'd fall asleep and then wake up at midnight wide awake) so I tried to do reiki, hit the dropping point and managed to wake myself up.

Leah said...

hmm, well, i go through phases with this sort of thing, so i hope it phases out soon.

other there something your anxious about that needs to be dealt with? have you been seeing that acupuncturist? (they can sometimes help with the sleep thing) are you exercising late in the day? (that can sometimes ramp you up) are you consuming any caffeine?

or it could just be that you're a vampire. ;-)

Leah said...

you're not your. grr, i hate when i do that.