Tuesday, September 29, 2009

272/365 Unwanted Bounty

272/365 Unwanted Bounty
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It would have been nice if the squirrels would have taken the acorns rather than eat all our pears. Little F'ers.

Apparently the trees produce acorns in cycles, theoretically to slowly starve out the population of critters so that on the big production years, they can't possibly consume all the seeds, thereby allowing more trees to propagate. This is clearly one of those years, but it doesn't seem like they needed to go through the trouble since, unfortunately for us, the squirrels have moved on to bigger and better things.

Down the street from us, it's like there's a thick layer of sawdust in the road from all the acorns that have fallen and been crushed by the passing cars. And then there's me in the backyard, left raking, shoveling and scooping up by hand for more hours than I care to count.

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