Tuesday, October 27, 2009

300/365 Saturated Hues: Orange and Blue

300/365 Saturated Hues: Orange and Blue
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We saw Andrew Bird at the new Lupo's in Providence, RI.

Awesome show as usual, but I've really been struck with how the production value of the show has increased over the years. I can remember seeing him play as Bowl of Fire at Johnny D's (which he was doing more of a gypsy/hot jazz kind of thing) and perform solo at the Middle East with his violin, a beat up electric guitar he was just learning to play and his sampler. Tonight's show was a full on production with band, multiple hornspeakers and a full-on light show which added additional texture and accentuated the immersive experience his music creates.

A great night out and also a good break for the SOOTTAD who's been having a lot of stress at work recently.

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