Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gravel is not my friend

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Monday night hat league games in JP are played on a turf field, which is awesome -- it's springy, you can play on it in the rain without worrying about tearing it up, and generally speaking, it's nice and level without the typical hazards of a "grass" field. Of course, as a dual use field for football and baseball, there are actually small patches of gravel around the bases and the pitcher's mound.

The regulation ultimate frisbee field is 70 x 40 yards with 25-yard deep endzones on each end, giving you a grand total of 4800 square yards of actual playing space. That's 43,200 square feet of hazard-free turf. Within that field there was maybe a 15x15 foot patch of the aforementioned gravel. That's less than 0.9% of the actual playing space.

Guess where I ended up laying out for a disc?

UPDATE(02May2006): hand is healing up alright, but ended up ripping up my left elbow and knee on the same spot in last night's game. Bah.

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