Monday, February 04, 2008


I like to pay attention to my surroundings when I run. I still find it meditative, but I enjoy noticing the sights and sounds around me, not to mention smells.

Actually, specifically to mention smells.

Often when I run after work, I can tell people are making dinner as I'll catch a whiff of a savory smell that will make me think of rich tomato sauces, juicy steaks, roasted chicken.

So tonight was not so unusual when I caught a noseful of something that made me immediately think of...



Actually, it reminded me of the smoked meats we found in Hollins Market in Baltimore.

Seemed like kind of a strange time of day (and really, time of year) to be making barbecue, but hey, it's a free country. And we're no strangers to the whim of a random food craving.

Then, a few minutes later, perhaps another mile along and in a totally different neighborhood, I smelled... more barbecue?


Chimney smoke from people's fireplaces and wood-burning stoves.


1 comment:

Leah said...

heh, that's funny.

that smell of wood burning in the fireplace is one of my favorite smells. i only like the smell when i smell it from the outside though.