Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Toshiba Quits HD DVD Business


I guess I shouldn't care too much that my Combo DVD/HD-DVD discs don't play well in our A3 HD-DVD player. I can file them with my old Betamax tapes when we eventually replace them with Blu-ray.

Still gonna hold off on a blu-ray player for a while -- prices are still high, and even if we get past that, I'll want to wait for either the studios to drop the whole region-encoding bullshit (unlikely) or for the release of a true region-free player.

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Leah said...

lol. i shouldn't laugh. but the idea of a file of hd-dvd and betamax tapes made me giggle a bit. we were waiting to see which one would make it (blu-ray or hd). our friend in the business told us it would be blu-ray, but i wasn't so sure. i'm glad it went one way finally, but i'm sorry you got stuck on the wrong end.