Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So, I did manage to eventually drag myself out of bed at 7:30 this morning and go for my run. It actually felt pretty good, all things considered. I felt... fast-ish. (running fartleks today) And I wasn't falling asleep at the office, although I must admit that I wasn't particularly productive -- a lot of trouble staying on message. I feel like I'm going to crash at any moment and my hope is that today was enough to get me back on track after the weekend debacle.

In today's low productivity zone, I did stumble across a good read: Seth Roberts blog, the Berkeley professor known for doing research through self-experimentation and who came up with the Shangri-La diet.

An interesting serendipity is that one of the examples in his paper describes the relationship between eating breakfast (breakfast being defined as eating before 10am) and early waking and the quality of sleep. The paper also cites relationships with exposure to morning light and standing.

So maybe it's not the cardiovascular activity that was syncing me up after all. (In case it wasn't clear from that comment, I generally eat after I run, which means that on morning when I run, I typically eat several hours after I get up. In today's case, around 10:30am.)

We'll need to do more research, but I'll leave that to others for now...

'cause I'm going to bed.

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