Monday, March 10, 2008

The System is Down

Not all systems, but the waking up and exercising one, certainly.

The adjustments made for the weather* and stupid daylight savings time pretty much wrecked havoc on the new waking and training schedule. And it was a pretty fragile ecosystem to begin with. Work stress hasn't helped -- I slept fitfully this morning worrying over the current problem I'm dealing with, trying to hold onto possible solutions gleaned in the dream-state. Blargh.

I did manage to go for a run in the wind and sun yesterday (yet still barely above freezing, unless you counted the windchill) when nobody showed up for the frisbee game. (which was just as well -- the wind would have made the game... unpleasant.) But that was late morning, so it wasn't helping the cause for the early morning run pattern.

Getting up at 8 this morning was painful. And really, I've been feeling like ass in the mornings all weekend.

Speaking of stupid daylight savings time, I've seen a little buzz about how there was a study showing that daylight savings time actually wastes energy, due in part because people turned on lights and heaters in the morning (presumably during the early spring, and late fall) and air-conditioning in the afternooon (the summer). I'm certainly bitter about it right now, but I'm also thinking that maybe people are just spending too much time sitting at home running the A/C and watching TV. Daylight savings time may not have had a measurable savings in the 70's, but it doesn't seem like it was more expensive -- technology creating too much of a good thing? 'Course, I've been in Chicago in the summer, not to mention Houston -- thems places is no fun in the summer.

A few other articles:

  • Wall Street Journal A commonly linked article
  • San Francisco Chronicle DST good for retailers, golf industry and OIL COMPANIES, bad for cows.
  • Huffington Post Also, toothpaste.
  • Yahoo!'s tech blog which has my favorite quote which addresses some of the stupider comments I've seen from the masses:
    "In related news, it was also revealed that Daylight Saving Time actually creates no additional daylight."


* Expected and non-materializing

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