Friday, December 18, 2009

352/365 A Silly Wine

352/365 A Silly Wine
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In 1996, I worked on a project with a Camelot theme -- and at its completion, all the members received a bottle of this wine. I was never much of a wine guy to start with and lost my taste for chardonnays shortly after college, and it was too dorky a brand to be regifted. (seriously, Camelot wine?) We finally opened it up as a lark at a friend's birthday gathering -- a 16-year-old poorly-stored, no-name chardonnay. It was... interesting -- kinda weak and flat with some dried fruitiness you'd associate more with a port or brandy, I guess. I think I found more entertainment in it than anybody else who tried it, of the few who did.

People really didn't want to go there -- because after all, it is a silly place.

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