Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Disappointment and...

It's not done!

I realize that it's not technically winter yet, but it sure is close enough. Cold and gray and just... blah.

Watermato close-up

We had several well-formed melons from the garden this year, but I just never felt the desire to actually eat them so they sat on the coffee table for a time and then eventually migrated to the fridge, with the hope that they'd keep until I'd actually decide I wanted to eat them at some point...like tonight. With winter beginning to take hold, and falling in and out of sadness, depression, ennui, not necessarily weather related, but certainly not helping, I thought I might steal a bit of residual summer, a little bit of sunshine that had been stored by the garden fruit.

But of course, disappointment.

Hollow. Unfinished. I had hoped that I had just picked one of the fruits that had fallen from the vine early, but several subsequent fruits showed similar appearances. (Fortunately, there were at least a few that had some edible sections that were actually quite sweet and nicely watermelony).

It made me wonder if I started them too late again this year, or if this was a result of my underwatering/overwatering disaster mid-summer where I thought I was going to kill off the vines -- they seemed to recover alright, but the vines were never quite as robust as they had been before that, and then opening them up...

So yeah, the watermelon was something of a disappointment. But I did find it kind of cool that they seemed to have these natural contours on the inside that look a bit like clover-leafs. And when I looked at a bunch of them together...


...I started to wonder: did they cross-pollinate? Because they kind of remind me of, well... tomatoes.


And that really is kind of cool.

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kat said...

i don't know...they sort of look like brains...is there something you're not telling us tad? :-)