Monday, January 02, 2006

Keeping Score


  • Countries visited: 4 (China, Canada, Italy, The Netherlands)
  • Cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Montreal, Philadelphia, Ithaca, Stresa, Milan, Amsterdam, Chapel Hill, Albany
  • Airplane legs:24
  • Logged running time: 77 hours, 42 minutes, 46 seconds
  • Boston's Run to Remember Half-Marathon, March 13th. Chip Time: 1:45:19
  • Big Lake Half-Marathon, May 7th in Alton, NH. Chip time: 1:40:33
  • Historical mean high temperature for May in Alton, NH: 61°F. Race day high temperature: 44°F (and raining)
  • BUDA Spring Hat League Tournament, May 21st. Historical average high temperature: 71°F. Tournament day high: 57°F (51° and raining by 3:30pm)
  • BUDA Fall Hat League Tournament, Oct 29th. Historical average high temperature: 58°F. Tournament day high: 43°F (34° and snowing by 3:30pm) (30th: high of 66°F, 31st: high of 70°F)
  • Weddings: 4
  • Funerals: 1
  • Trips to the emergency room: 1 (right hand)
  • X-rays taken: 4 (left knee, left hand)
  • MRIs taken: 1 (left knee)
  • Surgeries: 1 (left hand)
  • Number of stitches in right hand: 4
  • Number of stitches in left hand: 4
  • Number of days with 2" pin in left hand: 33
  • Days showering with a plastic bag over one hand: 20


  • February 9: Start 2-year muscular therapy (massage) program
  • April 6: SOOTTAD moves to Chicago
  • April 19: New job (contracting)
  • July 16: tear Radial MCP ligament of left thumb
  • August 9: Hand surgery

Thank god it's over.

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kat said...

happy new year tad!! wishing you a year with fewer stitches. :-)