Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Thinking too much

I went for my third acupuncture appointment this evening. I feel like I've been running pretty even-keel overall, but over the past day or so, I've felt like my energy level was just a shade lower. Maybe I'm just not getting enough sleep, but I did mention it at the start of my appointment.

I've been curious about what they've been finding during my previous sessions as I've only overheard something about "heat and I've refrained from asking so as not to distract them. So today I asked Masa, one of the assistants, and he told me that they've noticed and have been treating a slight kidney deficiency. (Which interestingly enough, and probably not unsurprisingly, is what the Chinese doctor said last year when we were in Beijing.) He does the usual pulse-taking, abdominal palpation and applies magnets, and then leaves the room to let me settle in. A short time later, Mr. Kuwahara comes in (followed by Masa), takes some time to check my pulse and then asks me:

"Have you been thinking a lot recently?"

Hmmm. Finals this week in Physiology and Anatomy; trying to figure out how to test a particular feature in the design at work; and sifting through a bunch of ideas presented in this book I've been reading for the past week or so.

Well, uh, yeah, actually. Why do you ask?

Apparently he could feel it in my pulse. He and Masa speak briefly in Japanese, tells me he will return later and then leaves the room. Masa tells me: not kidneys today, spleen.

Well, there you go. I guess I'm just thinking too much. Hope the treatment works, 'cos things aren't going to settle down for a little while.

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