Monday, January 09, 2006


kat, who's drawn this amazing community around her for AEM and now AW, has a post about the journey and briefly touches on the synchronicity that's been happening in her life. I followed a link over to 37days where Patti has a post on the power of words:

"And these three stories are also about how willing we are to believe the stories we tell ourselves: I'm not as smart as people think I am, I'm an imposter, I'm afraid of bats, I'm not good with money, I'm disorganized, I'm fat, I'm a lousy cook, I'm an overachiever -- we all tell ourselves stories about Self, some that we've told ourselves for years, don't we?"
Wow, that's kinda me.

I often get hung up on semantics and the baggage that sometimes comes along with certain words, but this particular aspect of words (the power of the inner dialog and the stories we constantly tell ourselves) has very recently become something that I'm going to actively work on. I'd almost call it a New Year's resolution, except that I don't really subscribe to the notion of NYRs so much, and it wasn't really so much a New Year's thing, despite it still being generally the season.

And it's funny, this whole business of words and stories and journeys...

Because I thought I was where I wanted to be, more or less, or at least on the right path and generally moving in the right direction. And a few nights ago, I got blindsided. The train jumped the track. The building collapsed. The board upturned. Bicycles everywhere.

And somehow, when the dust settled, it seems like I got dropped right by the road I was meant to be traveling all along. It's not going to be a walk in the park -- there's work ahead to be sure -- but somehow, it feels right. At least it seems like it does so far. The weather changes fast in these parts -- it's good to be prepared. But even so, sometimes you still have to hope for the best.

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