Saturday, March 14, 2009

73/365 Pie in Hand

73/365 Pie in Hand
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I used to think the idea of Pi day was pretty silly. I mean, c'mon, pi is an irrational number; to say 3.14 (and thus, March 14th) is pi just seemed inaccurate to me. I guess I've come to accept that all that stuff they used to teach in school about significant digits and proper rounding actually makes a good deal of sense, because in most practical instances, can you really measure out to the fourth or fifth significant digit? (seriously, when was the last time you measured something out to the 1/1000th of an inch?)

Anyway, we kind of dropped the ball and didn't actually get the chance to make our own pie today, so we ended up buying an apple/berry crumble pie and this mini key lime pie at whole foods on the way home from dinner.

Happy Pi Day, people!

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