Sunday, March 15, 2009

74/365 Northern Ave Bridge

74/365 Northern Ave Bridge
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Another beautiful weekend day, and probably in the high 50s.

Kind of exhausted -- up early for two clients this morning, bal practice in Southie, and a lot of walking because we took the commuter rail into town and walked to and from the stations at both ends. And that after maybe 4 hours of broken sleep because of an attack of heartburn late last night.

The heartburn thing did not manifest in its usual way, but given the rather heavy and spicy (but delicious) Sichuan dinner we had, followed by what may have been a slightly sketchy pie (even though it was from whole foods), I'm not going to give my body a hard time for exacting punitive measures. The one constant* is the recovery, which always seems to kick in almost instantaneously sometime around the 5 or 6 o'clock hour.

Perhaps it's just a distorted time perception due to the fatigue, but it really feels like the body does a magical hard reset and suddenly systems are back to normal and I can finally get some sleep. (Except for the part when you have to get up less than 2 hours later.) The SOOTTAD has been reading The Mood Cure and thinks it may have something to do with a circadian rhythm of seratonin production. I'll have to check out the book when she's done with it.

* Excluding effective mitigation procedures (exercise, which can't be effectively utilized at 2 in the morning)

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