Saturday, May 02, 2009

122/365 Little hussy

122/365 Little hussy
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The awesomeness of our old friends that we've lost can never truly be replaced --we will always miss their company. But it feels like it's time for us to get out there to meet some new kitties. There's an emptiness in the house that been clawing at us, and it seems like it's finally ok to try and fill it again. The tapping of small padded feet -- and not the ones from the neighborhood cat that's not supposed to come inside.

This little girl (her name was Harlequin) was up for adoption with her buddy, Frosty. They were being fostered by the Cat Connection, a non-profit group in the area. Frosty was friendly, immediately coming to me looking for head scritches. Harlequin was playful and friendly -- she jumped up onto my shoulder (and wouldn't come down) moments after we entered the room -- absolutely adorable, but a bit bossy (sez the SOOTTAD).

We met a few others, but remained completely indecisive (because we can't really take them all, as much as we'd like to). So the search continues.

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Rebecca said...

Years ago, a little rescue kitten jumped on my shoulder when I met him, but I decided not to take him home. I still regret it. Seriously.