Wednesday, May 13, 2009

133/365 Checkin' out the neighborhood

133/365 Checkin' out the neighborhood
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real progress today -- one of the scaredy cats came out from under the chair and actually spent some quality time with us. Seriously, check this out:

Real Progress

Now we really need to work on his buddy.

Still haven't settled on names yet. They came to us as Whipple and Warren, but the SOOTTAD isn't so keen on "Whipple." We've been calling him Whip for now, but current alternatives are Chester & Jesse, Jake & Elwood, Penn & Teller and Skipper & Gilligan.

UPDATE: for got to mention: Maurice (Mo) & Holling.


Rebecca said...

Great news! Good kitty. Better name 'em soon, though, if you don't want Warren and Whip to stick. (I actually like Warren and Whip just fine, myself.)

Ushiku Person said...

New Cats?! Hooray!!! I can't wait to meet them after I get back.
I like the names Warren and Whip, too.