Monday, August 24, 2009

236/365 Nauset Light Beach

236/365 Nauset Light Beach
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I was talked into driving to the cape to surf the post-Hurricane swells. It's about 100 miles each way, taking a bit under 2 hours (which is why we tried Narragansett for our first forays into surfing in the northeast); gratefully, no traffic at all. (From what I heard, they didn't let people in the water on the big overhead surf days over the weekend, which is unfortunate, because I imagine that it'd be fun to just go and watch even if I couldn't surf that stuff.)

A beautiful day, and the waves were of goodly size, but it was a bit choppy at times and honestly, I'm not really good enough for even the smaller 5-6' waves. Plus, getting used to yet another board didn't help. (this time I got a 9'4" surftech longboard from Nauset Surf in Orleans -- only $20/day! Good prices for buying boards, too, at least compared to the shop we've been to in Narragansett.)

Still, a nice day to be out at the beach.

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