Monday, November 02, 2009

306/365 In Search of Inspiration

306/365 In Search of Inspiration
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It's the second day of the month, but the first day for me to participate in Art Every Day Month which was started by my friend Leah. The last time I was successful with this was in 2005.

I gave myself a break and started on the second day because we were completely sleep-deprived over the weekend (dance event in North Carolina). I think technically, I could think of my photography as art and fulfill the requirements for the challenge, but the point isn't to check something off a list but to get me to stretch my limits. For me, I'm hoping it will get me to draw more, and if that works, to maybe push myself beyond sketches and drawings in pen and ink; but we'll see. It's good to stretch, but it's also good to keep goals achievable.

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