Monday, November 09, 2009

AEDM week 1

AEDM journal, week 1
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So I started Art Every Day Month a day late, but it does make for nice weekly updates that start on Mondays. Not that I drew in the day planner every day this time around. But I think that's good -- I'm trying to be more flexible and adapt to my needs. While I liked having all the contributions to the project in one place, and I liked the way a full week looked, I'm realizing that it's not what's important.

So it looks like there won't be a post for every little bit of art that I do every day, but I'll try to post a summary at the end of the week and highlight anything that I liked in particular.

It was particularly good to remember that while I was doing yardwork this afternoon. Trying to rake leaves out to the street for leaf vacuuming this coming week, I wanted to gather the acorns separately, which led to an attempt at sorting:

Acorn path


Yard Work, Yard Play 312/365 Leaf Spiral
yard work, yard play
a little art, every day.

Of course, because I was playing, I didn't actually finish raking the yard before it got dark, but I'll hopefully finish up tomorrow afternoon (and hopefully before the street vacuum comes.)


Leah said...

ok, those leaf swirls are totally kickass!

yes1 said...
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