Monday, November 23, 2009

AEDM Journal, week 3

AEDM Journal, week 3
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Barely hanging on -- almost completely forgot about AEDM last night until after getting home from a pre-Thanksgiving party.

So far, the best inspiration came during a long run on Friday -- lots of mental connections on ... making mental connections and its role/relationship with mindfulness and serendipity. I thought I might be able to spin it into an illustrated essay but I managed to get a few notes down in my journal before it flittered away in the noise of the day to day. Only the image of a winding stone wall that I saw on my run managed to get translated to paper, and even then, I wasn't all that happy with how it came out -- but I remind myself this is about process and not outcomes. (other than what comes of putting pen to paper every day)

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Chelle said...

I really enjoy your AEDM journal. It's fun and beautiful.

The leaf spiral from one of your earlier posts is awesome. If I still had a yard I would be inspired to do lawn art.