Saturday, March 11, 2006

A different kind of disappointment

This winter we've had a phenomenal turnout for weekend pickup disc. Granted, it's been pretty temperate this year, but there have also been several days barely in the 20's, ground frozen with 10-20MPH winds bringing the windchill down into the teens. And even on those days, we've had enough players for 6-on-6.

So today, the first Saturday where it's been above 6040°F in over a month. Crickey, it was over 60°F today! And at 11am, there are 5 of us. We get a game of 3-on-3 going, with a sub just before noon and eventually get fours by around 12:40 when Lenlow shows up.

It's beautiful and sunny, if a bit breezy, and we can't even get 10 people to show up? WTF?

It's embarrassing, I tell you.

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