Sunday, July 26, 2009

207/365 The Droids we've been looking for

207/365 The Droids we've been looking for
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We actually tried to get noodles at the Momofuku Noodle Bar the previous night, but we got there late so were limited to their late night menu, which had NO NOODLES. At the NOODLE BAR. Harumph. (we consoled ourselves with multiple orders of pork buns, which we had tried earlier in the week at the Ssäm Bar. Feel bad for us.)

This is the Momofuku ramen, which comes with pork belly, braised pork shoulder and a poached egg. (also fish cake, nori and delightfully tender bamboo shoots) We also got the bibim gooksu, which, of course, was also delicious, but the ramen was definitely my favorite. Worth the wait.

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Ushiku Person said...

OMG - that looks a little like my favorite noodle dish, Edodashi no Kakuni Ramen! You had me at "Noodles"... all you have to do is package some of that stuff up and ship it to me (in the meantime, I'll use your picture as my screensaver...). Please continue to post noodle articles!