Friday, July 31, 2009

212/365 Desserts at Pastiche

212/365 Desserts at Pastiche
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We met friends for dinner down in Providence to check out a Chinese restaurant they had been telling us about. Mu Mu Cuisine is on Atwells Ave on Federal Hill, which is generally more well known as an Italian district as I understand it. It did not disappoint, with xiao lung bao rivaling our sadly departed Wing's Kitchen and a number of other Shanghainese-style treats. We actually got recommendations from the owner who came out to answer questions, and ultimately took our order. Which kind of confused the new waitress who had originally come to the table.

Not quite stuffed to the gills, we made our way to Pastiche for dessert. (I've heard about it for many years but had never had the opportunity to check it out until now.) I couldn't decide between the Peach Apricot Cake and the Torta Di Cioccolata... so I got both.

I blame SOOTTAD who encouraged the bad behavior, although I was the one who ultimately paid for that mistake.


Christi said...

I'm curious. Which Chinese restaurant in Providence? We still get down there and I'm always looking for yummy places to eat.

tallasiandude said...

Whoops. Mu Mu Cuisine.

I was going to mention that in the post but got distracted. Let me fix that.