Tuesday, January 13, 2009

13/365 Encased

13/365 Encased
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Was hoping to play with the loupe today or at least get a picture of the icicles outside the office, but I caught a glimpse of the shrub underneath our broken downspout, covered with snow and a thick coating of ice, so there you go.

Good thing, too, since the icicles I wanted to capture had fallen under their own weight last night and I didn't physically leave the building (not even for lunch) until well after dark. Oh well. I'm a little worried that these ice and snow pictures are going to get old real soon, but they'll do for now.


Anonymous said...

He TAD I noticed the loop users are using small digital cameras, where the loop fits nicely over the lense. Are you using a compact or an SLR camera. I wonder if you can get a loop big enough for an SLR lense. I have a macro lense, but it would be cool not to lug it around. What do you think?

tallasiandude said...

I'm using a Canon a520 P&S. (compact-ish) My loupes, with a 30mm diameter, are actually a little bigger than my camera lens, but they seem to work ok.

I've seen 50mm diameter loupes for sale online (like this one) which might fit over an SLR lens, but I couldn't say for sure.

I found this article just doing a google search on "loupe macro photography") Maybe take a look and see if it makes sense to you, or maybe just make the sub-$10 investment/gamble and try it -- that was certainly my approach, and I'm pretty happy with it so far.