Wednesday, January 07, 2009

7/365 Slushy

7/365 Slushy
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Snow, freezing rain and ice pellets last night followed by freezing rain throughout the day leads to one slushy mess.

I shoveled the walks and driveway this afternoon (and cleared off the car) because I was worried that it would freeze tonight and be even more of a pain to deal with tomorrow morning, but I often stop and wonder whether I'm doin' it wrong.

Although I've been here for almost 20 years, I'm not from around here originally. Was I supposed to just let it melt? It *was* raining after all, and I didn't really see anybody else bothering. Although it's hard to gauge from the neighbors who drive buhgiant trucks that just drive over the mess.

Murphy's (and TallAsianDude's) Law would suggest that if I didn't shovel, it would freeze tomorrow and the mailman, and half the neighbors would slip on the resulting ice and sue my sorry ass.

Sometimes, it's better to be safe (if a little foolish) than sorry.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely smart to clear things off before it all freezes up into a gigundo iceball o' crap. (Potential lawsuits notwithstanding.)

It's a function of date more than anything. In January, it's VERY likely that the rain will turn back to frozen rain/snow before everything's cleared off.

In March, it's much more likely that the rain will last and do your job for you.

My $0.02