Monday, January 19, 2009

CED2009, Week 3

Journal, Week 3
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Still squeezing in time to do some sketching; more portraits... speaking of which, I find that as soon as I've picked a subject in the wild, they move or switch positions. And I'm just not fast/good enough yet to deal. Not sure if part of my problem is that I'm doing these journal drawings in pen. (that just happens to be a constraint I've put on myself, at least for now -- trying to manage shading, contours and textures with this unforgiving medium to see if I can learn how to work with and/or around it. I did do some sketching in another sketchbook with a drafting pencil.) Anyway, I'd welcome suggestions and/or perspectives on dealing with this.

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Leah said...

Darn living things with their breathing and moving! :-) Yeah, that always happens when I try to draw my cats. They seem to know it and wake from their naps immediately. I usually use it as an exercise in memory and keep going or I just start another sketch next to it.