Friday, January 23, 2009

2008 in review

I may have mentioned that 2008 was a pretty mixed year... although my current theory is that the awesomest part of 2008 was actually just the tail end of the mostly super-awesome 2007, or perhaps to reframe, we had a glorious year of the boar, and the year of the rat mostly sucked balls.

Anyway, here we go.



  • ankle injury that has put me out of commission 6 weeks and counting.
  • saying goodbye to our cat in December after he went through the final stages of kidney failure. He'd been my buddy for 16 of the 17 years that I've lived in New England. We are still sad.


  • Total days sick: 38 (Two spans, including combo bronchitis/sinusitis in July and most of the entire month of my birthday and up to the day of the marathon.)
  • Birthdays of consequence: 1 (Let's just say that I am no longer in my 30s, and that this has not proven to be a good thing to date.)
  • Cities visited: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Cleveland, Raleigh, Florence, Venice, Rome, Honolulu, Hilo, Lihue, Manhattan, Fergus, Buffalo, Kansas City
  • States Visited: 9 (CA, HI, IL, KS, NC, NH, NV, NY, OH)
  • Countries Visited: 2 (Canada, Italy)
  • Airplane legs: 31
  • Concerts attended: 3 (80s punk bands: 1)
  • Miles run: 806 (in 6 states)
  • Weddings attended: 3
  • Dance workshops attended: 2
  • Ultimate frisbee tournaments: 4
  • Ultimate frisbee tournaments (>200mi away): 2
  • Ultimate Frisbee tournament injuries: 1
  • (tournaments >200mi away, lifetime: 6)
  • (injuries at tournaments >200mi away, lifetime: 3)
  • Awesome people to be married to: 1 (makes it all better.)

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