Saturday, November 12, 2005

AEM Day 12 - "tickled"

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Tired, tired, tired.

The image had stuck pretty solidly in my head after I woke up this morning; the challenge is always in getting it out and onto paper. Trying to work a little color in. (I feel like I'm borrowing a page or more from Janey's style, but hope it's in my own way; struggling with the idea that I'm not being original. Let go, let go, just do.) It's done; I'm pretty happy with it.

But tired.

I've been getting to bed much too late but still waking up around 7AM every morning for the last several days. Today was all taking care of business. Study, eat, draw, study, practice, work, rake and bag leaves, clear out the garden, check on travelling friends' kitties, pick up a book from school, check on another set of friends' kitty and bunnies, study, eat... rest.

I feel bad including drawing in there, because I do enjoy it, but carving out the time out of the day is challenging.

And oh so tired. After I had dinner I just had to shut down for a while -- actually watched TV for the first time in a long while. (Wow, that CSI show is pretty good, huh?) Probably the first time since August, not counting DVDs.

Hope to get to bed before midnight tonight. Before 11 would be even better, but I think I know myself too well to believe that'll happen.

Did I mention tired?


janey said...

This is not like mine, more uniquely yours. I really like the position of the hands over the girls head. And copying is just fine as long as you turn it into your own style. Even Michaelangelo and Divinci and Picasso all copied from someone. That's how they learned.

tallasiandude said...

Yes, I think at heart I knew that, but with my tendency to second guess myself and overanalyze my process and intention, it's still good to hear it from a third party (the third party), so thanks so much for that.

kat said...

i agree with janey. you're style is unique and yours. every artist gets inspiration from other artist's and in taking that forward they make it theirs. but yeah, you know that. i also love the way her hands are on her head, the line of her body, and the way you incorporated color. and i really like the writing at the top. bravo! is this a girl you know/knew?

tallasiandude said...

She kind of reminded me of a friend of the SOOTTAD's, actually.