Tuesday, November 29, 2005

AEM Day 28 - "Backyard Tree"

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This was the tree in P's backyard, sort of as I remember it Saturday morning. I did have a picture for reference, but I mostly took it from the image in my head. I was kind of focusing on getting the snow on the tree to stand out, so I'm left feeling a little annoyed that the tree is totally out of scale from the small shed and woods behind it. Oh well.

Should have been studying or doing research for a school project that's due this weekend, but I ended up reading a book for a bookclub instead, mostly because I want to hang out with the people who are in the bookclub... but you have to have read the book to attend. (This also means that I won't get much studying done tomorrow night either.) And yet, I didn't get to go dancing or play piano tonight either.


There just isn't enough time in the day.

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kathryn said...

This is crisp and clear, as I imagine the weather to be. And the tree size simply makes it seems to be in the foreground, suggesting the shed to be farther back. I like it!