Tuesday, November 15, 2005

AEM Day 14 delay

Just did some doodles this evening. But I need to get to bed so I'll post them tomorrow.

Thoughts for the day:

  • Not getting enough sleep. Up late last night, up early this morning and into the office today. Difficult staying conscious at my desk; struggled to stay awake on the drive home.
  • Only thought upon setting foot in the house: nap.
  • Weird dreams. Tenderness from unexpected sources. Three kisses. Nice, but situationally inappropriate. I hate that my subconscious can't allow myself to enjoy these moments. After waking, it only reminds me how much I miss having the SOOTTAD around. We talk almost every night, but it's not the same. And damn, I really miss the smoochies.
  • Thought I'd be too tired, but after I ate some dinner, I went to the Monday night dance anyway. A few good dances, unexpected. Still a few dances with bored-looking followers, like they'd prefer to be doing something other than dancing with me, which takes my spirit down a few notches. Overall I guess it's a wash.
  • Home again, trying to get some work done before bed.
  • Doodles while talking to the SOOTTAD. She suggested "nefarious porpoises" because, hello pun! And fish! I correct her: porpoises are mammals, which means they have hair, among other things. You'll see what came of that when I eventually get around to posting it tomorrow.
  • My nose is running. I hope I haven't caught a cold. But it wouldn't surprise me considering I've been really taxing my system lately.
  • My pen appears to be following my nose's lead. (Follow the nose, it always knows!) It's begun leaking. This usually happens because I'm not particularly good at taking care of them. I'm going to have to try and clean the nib, but it's something I've always had a lot of trouble with, so I tend to put it off. But fairly soon, I'm not going to have much of a choice in the matter.
  • Why am I not in bed?

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