Wednesday, November 30, 2005

AEM Day 29, in over my head

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After doing some online research for the school project due Sunday, I decided that I would rather play around on the piano rather than sit and try to come up with something to draw. I thought there might even be a chance that it'd give me some inspiration.

So downstairs I went where I toodled around a bit, and ended up playing a few things, or scratching at pieces of things, that brought back memories of "the old days" -- friendships, crushes, school, music... bits of history. Color entrances, but sometimes sound entrances too.

The SOOTTAD called while I was down there, but I already had an idea what I was going to do for AEM today. We talked as I went through and subsequently began ripping up random catalogs and junk mail. I was going to do a collage.

Dear God, what was I thinking?!

The SOOTTAD went to bed almost an hour ago. Gonna call it a night and hopefully finish it up tomorrow after class.


kathryn said...

This is excellent! Hurray for stepping off the familiar path. Collage is so cool because there are no rules. It is what it is, and the process is as much art as the finished piece.

kat said...

you daredevil, you!!! :-)

it looks great so far, keep at it.

and what a good idea to use catalogs and junk mail, you can't feel too bad about ripping that stuff up!