Tuesday, November 15, 2005

AEM Day 15 - "Shells"

Originally uploaded by tallasiandude.

This didn't come out quite the way I had intended, but what does, really? I wasn't exactly sure how each layer was going to be visible when I started, but I'm pretty sure I hadn't intended it to be so dark. But at one point, I tried adding a contour effect and didn't like the way it came out, so I ended up covering it up, and then had adjust the rest to balance it out.

And of course, at one point, a partial shaded area actually looked kinda cool, but of course I had it in my head that each layer needed to be (relatively) uniform, so I just plodded on rather than leave it "unfinished."

Oy, sometimes I think I need someone sitting right next to me to just take the freaking pen out of my hand.

Hmmm, 11:06PM. I guess I should go study for that Physiology final we have tomorrow night, huh?


Chickadeeva said...

This is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I really liked the depth.

kat said...

love this. it's stunning.

Kathryn said...

Oh, I love the darkness. It adds a depth to it. I like how the outer and inner mask are lighter then what's in the middle. As Kat said, it's stunning.

Amazing how others can perceive a work one is not so satisfied with, eh?