Tuesday, November 22, 2005

AEM Day 21 - "Abstracats"

Originally uploaded by tallasiandude.

It was late; I was gathering things around the house for the SOOTTAD that I'll need to bring over to the 'rental homestead for turkey day.

I seem to be frequently falling back on doing drawings of the kitties, so I tried something different tonight. I like how it turned out, although I probably shouldn't have spent the time stippling the background seeing as it's almost 2AM now. (but of course, I just couldn't help myself.)

Ok, bedtime.


kathryn said...

I love this. It would make a great little print!

soottad said...


naturallynice said...

Things I like:
The title. The squarish cats.
The little dots in the background.
The shading of the "floor".
Anything left out?

maria said...

Oh, what cool cats! They look really 'jazz-y' to me, somehow ... I'm probably thinking of a Rippingtons cover or something.

janey said...

Wonderful cats. I'm very partial to cats have 3 that I'm highly allergic to. Looks almost like a wood carving.

kat said...

as you know i love these meows. can't wait to see the abstracts licking stamps! :-)