Monday, November 14, 2005

AEM Day 13 - Observed; Demanding, part 2

I was just going to do the one drawing, but circumstances intervened and I was moved to document the events surrounding it's (their) inception.

Home late after class and after class socializing, I figured I'd do a quick sketch for today before I tried to finish off some work that I hadn't had the energy to deal with last night. (Hey, I actually got to bed before 11:30 -- go me.)

One cat on the couch, adorable in standard coffee roll (versus loaf) position, seemed a good subject. He was napping, but when I sat down to draw, I noticed he was actually watching me with one eye, half open. Suspicious of my activity, or indignant that I wasn't actually giving him any physical attention, he nevertheless decided at some point that it wasn't worth keeping his eye on me, and settled back into his nap.

I wanted to just use colored pencils to get a better feel for how colors worked together, even if it was just going to be sparse lines or small highlighted sections. But when I initially finished, there didn't seem to be enough contrast in places, so I pulled out the rapidograph and started inking a few of the lines. It seemed to be doing what I wanted. At least, it did, until the other cat decided that he was clearly being intolerably neglected and sought to immediately correct the situation, leading to some unintentional inking.

What to do?

  1. Cover spots with shading to try and incorporate it into the rest of the drawing.
  2. Take advantage of new subject material.


Kathryn said...

Good "save" on the first drawing. Oh, but the second one is wonderful... it's an unusual perspective. I would definitely call that a keeper. :)

kat said...

hehe, i love the look of slight annoyance in the first kitty pic. and the perspective on the 2nd is so cool! seems like we were mind-reading again last nite. :-)

i am so tired today it's silly.