Sunday, November 27, 2005

AEM Day 26/27 catch-up

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So it turns out that our friend P in Albany doesn't have wireless. Weird. And interesting that it's become so ubiquitous, even out in the countryside and wilds of central Mass in the 1800's farmhouse that is the SOOTTAD's parental homestead, that we kind of just assume that we'll be able to get internet access. (Well, I guess I was actually the one who set it up, so I guess I only have myself to blame for that...)

It was good to get away from it, but we kept showing signs of withdrawal: hey there was this really funny thing about the Flying Spaghetti Monster... oh wait, I guess I'll send you the URL. Oh yeah, we should show you the pictures from our trip to Italy... damn -- online gallery... and the originals are on my machine at home, not my laptop. Crap, crap, crap.

Nevertheless, it was a good visit. We caught up Friday night over lasagne for dinner and sitting by a fire in her living room. Saturday, a mellow party for P's 30th, with food, dancing and games. (It never occurs to me to play games, but I actually enjoyed my participation in Taboo and Cranium. Damn, I even had fun playing Boggle this afternoon.) Chillin' in the back room, the SOOTTAD and I fell asleep together scrunched into a loveseat, only moving to the bed when we woke up at 2AM. There's been a lot of sleeping this long weekend. I guess I've been a little sleep-deprived with all the AEM stuff and general busyness. I hope I'll be able to wake up for work tomorrow morning. Oy.

Anyway. P loves to make big breakfasts, so it was strawberry pancakes and bacon yesterday and french toast and bacon today. Oh yeah, bacon! She had a 4 pound box in her fridge for us and our mutual friend (and her boy) T (visiting from Northampton). The sketch from yesterday is of P frying up some bacon using a pair of chopsticks to flip the slices, a trick she picked up from T, and one which we're embarrassed to say we don't use ourselves.

We left around 3PM to get the SOOTTAD to Bradley airport in Connecticut. A pretty uneventful drive, but nice to have a little more time to ourselves. I had joked earlier in the trip that while her parents' house has no doors (they apparently don't close because of settling, so they don't bother even trying to close them), P's house has no walls. (she's been doing a lot of renovating recently. It's mostly done, but it turns out that there's only a curtain that separates the second bedroom from the back room. Hmm.) There's been more driving this weekend than I'd generally prefer to do, but it's always good to be able to spend more time with the SOOTTAD. Her parents met us at the airport to see her off, arriving just as I was finishing the second sketch of the main terminal check-in area. I was surprised but quite tickled to see that they brought Thanksgiving leftovers for both of us, as well as snacks. Schweet.

The drive home was mostly uneventful save the usual congestion around the 84 interchange... and getting rear-ended in a domino-like threeway fender-bender. The other two cars are SUVs. (Both from New York. And both smokers.) After pulling over, I shockingly don't find any damage (whoo-hoo 5MPH bumpers!), but the guy from the truck immediately behind me wants me to stay and to call the cops. I bail anyway after getting contact info -- I'm tired, I just want to get home.

Ah, home... it's good to be home.

But it'd be nicer to be home with the SOOTTAD.

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kat said...

that's so weird! the bf also got into a fender bender in stop and go traffic on his way back from ny(only 2 cars for him, he was rear-ended) and he was also amazed that there was no damage! the woman who hit him was talking on her cell phone and she didn't even bother to get off the cell when she got out to check for damage. i thought that was pretty abnoxious. the bf saw her pull over shortly after the accident and some big dude got out of the back seat, yelling at her about being on the phone before taking over the driving duties. oy!

sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with the sootad. nothing wrong with lots of napping. :-)