Wednesday, November 23, 2005

AEM Day 22 - "Smile"

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Probably no explanation necessary -- just a sketch from a photo I took last night after dinner with a friend.

* * *

Tonight, another fine dinner with another fine friend. And a conversation that eventually veered into a discussion (perhaps more a monologue) about color and the lack thereof in my drawings. "Color entrances." There is a sublime beauty in some things that I cannot even begin to express that has nothing to do with form and everything to do with hue, saturation, and intensity. It's something I can appreciate but feel I cannot express or capture. And even thinking of trying to reproduce it leaves me empty because I have neither the raw materials nor the tools to get at its essence, its soul. And any attempt feels like it would do it a disservice.

So I stick to my lines and dots, and hope that in the contrasts and gradations I can allude to or evoke that sense in my head, that which I cannot create on paper.

I'll try eventually. Just not yet.

Waiting must be filled.

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naturallynice said...

Well, black and white has its own charm and I certainly appreciate the charm of your drawings.