Friday, November 25, 2005

AEM Day 25 - "Mirror, Bittersweet"

Originally uploaded by tallasiandude.

More images from the SOOTTAD's parental homestead, this time sitting at the dining table, the mirror and branch of bittersweet hanging on the wall across the room from the entryway.

I ended up shading the wall with graphite because I was too lazy to stipple it in. Plus, we're heading out to visit friends in Albany, so I didn't want to risk having to stop mid-stipple and not be able to get back to it later.

This short vacation has been good so far. Actually got about 11 hours or sleep last night, but it's been tricky trying to get a little bit of work done and to squeeze in some drawing amidst the holiday activities, low-key as they may be. And I'd really rather be front-loading on the quality time with the SOOTTAD anyway. I was probably being a bit ambitious when I packed schoolwork and that book I checked out from the library a few weeks ago... Oh well, can't really complain about that.

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