Monday, November 21, 2005

AEM Day 20 - Adversary and Ganeshas

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Yes, I am my own worst enemy.


AEM Day 20 - Ganesha, pre. AEM Day 20 - Ganesha, post

So I started this sketch of Ganesha (Hindu Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles) a few days ago when I had the whole Hindu thing floating around my head. No real reason to draw him in particular, only that I was familiar with his elephant-like appearance. (Although I could use some obstacle destroying, certainly. Couldn't we all?) I was pretty happy with it, up until the point I started inking him. Oh well. I'll learn one of these days to leave well enough alone.


kathryn said...

The self-portrait is creepy-cool. Those eyes!

As for Ganesha, that's a tough subject to get, I think. I like the attempt!

soottad said...

gotta disagree -- i like the inked ganesha a lot. It has a well-defined style to the line which gives it presence.

Caroline said...

Thanks for the inspiration for doing hands in self-portraits. I've had a go too.

And this is another good one!

kat said...

hmm, i like the inked ganesha too. and your self portrait!! :-)